Bringing up Bookworms

In today’s techy world, it’s easy to forget the importance of books when we have digital screens. However more and more research is showing the benefits of raising children who love books. Whether digital or not, books, stories, and reading with children should be a top priority both in school and at home. Since we’re a bit partial to a good old fashioned, cover and spine type books, here are just a few things to keep in mind!

  • Have you read a story today?
  • Have you told a story today?
  • Have you listened to a story today?
  • Can your child name the parts of a book?
    • -Cover
    • -Spine
    • -Title Page
    • -Author
    • -Illustrator


Story time can happen anywhere, inside, outside, upside down! (Well, maybe if you were Dr. Seuss…) So get out there and read, listen, look and learn with your child.


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