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Owned and operated by Angel  and Shawn Anton, and celebrating 11 years in 2016, ABC Village is a bright and shining star nestled in the scenic Harveston Community. Continuing the legacy of high quality care started by her mother Malinda, Angel leads her team forward with unwavering commitment to preserving and nurturing children’s formative years.  She is assisted in this vision by Ms. Tonya and Ms. Patricia.

Our Teachers

Additional Teacher & Class Information

The teaching staff at ABC Child Care Centers are passionate about your child's happiness and growth. They're dedicated to providing a safe, nurturing environment that cultivates self-esteem.

Teaching at ABC is more than a job to them. It's an opportunity to share their passion for life while they awaken the wonder inside each and every child. Here's how they do it.

Small Class Size

Our low teacher-to-student ratios allow teachers to focus on the individual learning styles and needs of each child in our center.

Partnering with Families

ABC teachers and staff want to form a strong partnership with you to ensure the best possible experience for your child. Our teachers provide daily communication with families and seek to understand your unique needs.

Highly Trained Early Childhood Teachers

ABC child care centers devote more time and resources to teacher training than any other childcare provider. Our teachers are dedicated to developing your child's potential and are sensitive to your child's individual needs.

Our Teams

Team One

Team one has some of our most nurturing teachers, from nurturing newbies to experienced long term teachers, these amazing ladies are the foundation of our infant program. With their help and guidance, our infants work their way through developmental milestones, and explore a variety of sensory activities. Their patience and gentle touch makes first day transitions easier, as moms and dads entrust their littlest angels into our care. We understand that each baby develops at their own pace, and on their own schedule, so our fully staffed program allows a low teacher to child ratio to accommodate each baby’s needs. With a kitchen and laundry room attached, our infant teachers are able to handle everything from hungry babies to the messy developmental fun that occurs daily. An age appropriate play yard lets our tiniest kiddos explore at their own pace, without worry, and surrounded by a variety of age appropriate toys and materials. Just a phone call away if you need any reassurance, our infant team welcomes you to be involved in activities and classroom events throughout the year!

Team Two

Team two is all about the fun! Our energetic toddler teachers provide hands on learning, daily sensory adventures, and a constant flow of songs rhymes and finger plays. With some of the funniest, and active teachers we employee, team two keeps up with the ever changing toddler temperament, and whisks your children through a well-planned curriculum that includes early math and science concepts, daily art activities, and social behavior plans. With quick hands and eyes in the back of their head, team two firmly believes in the power of play, and the importance of exploration. Not only masters of smooth transitions and parent communication; team two prides itself on being the potty training experts of the school. While each child does potty train at their own pace, our toddler teachers come alongside families and strengthen the potty training skills and routines already in place at home for a faster, smoother transition out of diapers and into big kid underwear! We can’t wait for you to meet our toddler teachers and see firsthand how learning is made fun through play.

Team Three

Team three invites you to watch the transition of your darling angel into a fast talking, quick moving child who lives to push boundaries and explore uncharted territory. Our three’s teachers are knowledgeable in a variety of subjects near and dear to our three’s hearts-from Clifford book references, to the correct lyrics to Frozen’s ‘Let it Go’. In between the fun and games, our threes teachers deftly introduce beginning writing and fine motor skills, expand on calendar and group time with numbers, letters, weather, Spanish, ASL, and name recognition (to name just a few!) Team 3 sets the foundation for a successful pre-k experience, so the teachers are always finding the balance between academics and play with hands on learning, exploration, and role modeling. Introducing and building on math, science, engineering, technology and language concepts, our threes teachers promote a love of learning that will stay with your child throughout their school experience. However let’s not forget that at three, the biggest and best thing in life is being able to make, and keep friends, so social-emotional development is very near and dear to our three’s teachers hearts as they encourage healthy friendships, and model appropriate social behavior.

Team Four

Team four proudly stands at the finish line of early education, ready to usher your children into kindergarten with a firm foundation and a vast array of skills and problem solving abilities. Our fours teachers are structured and disciplined, introducing upper and lower case letter writing, letter recognition, journaling, days of the weeks, months of the year, zoo phonics, graphing, patterning, math, and so much more! Building on the foundation of earlier years, our fours teachers continue to promote Spanish and ASL, brush up shape, number, and color recognition, and teach impulse control, and classroom behavior. With backgrounds in elementary school and kindergarten, our fours teachers know the importance of early education in setting the foundation for future growth and school success. They work hard to show the children how to succeed both in and out of a classroom, emphasizing strong social emotional building blocks, problem solving skills, independent and creative thinking, communication, and group involvement as well as being able to work independently. Still just sweet enough that you can steal a hug, our fours teachers are setting the example of what school will be like for the next several years of your child’s life, and they accept that responsibility with determination and excitement.

Team Five

Did someone say school age? Welcome to team five! We offer before and after school age care Monday-Friday and on all those minimum days/holidays that public/private school shut down. Our school age teachers are energetic and fun loving, and they understand that school can be a long and sometimes draining day, so they are prepared! When they pick up your child up from any number of the local schools we offer transportation to, they are ready with knock-knock jokes, Minecraft discussion points, and the latest and greatest of the boy band drama. Keeping it loosely structured with an afternoon homework group, our school age teachers let the ‘big kids’ run out their jitters, and organize group games, science experiments (yes we sometimes get a little messy) Wii tournaments, board game playoffs, basketball matches, and so much more. Whether they are getting ready for a relay race, jumping on the in-ground trampoline, or just chilling with some books in the reading corner, your school ager will feel right at home in our program. While we know our big kids are getting plenty of academics in school, we still want to place some emphasis on learning while we play, so our school age teachers focus heavily on character building traits such as responsibility, honesty, integrity, and generosity. Our school age teachers never miss a chance to show off their mad Wii skills, board game knowledge, or massive joke bank, while never forgetting that their main focus is the role modeling of positive behavior and respectful play, we believe in setting up our big kids for success out in the world, and giving them a safe and fun place to come back to when they’re done.

Kindergarten Team

Our Kindergarten team is the best in the business (we may be a little biased but roll with it) with over 18 years’ experience (each!) in early childhood education and Kindergarten, our teachers have seen it all and they are prepared! Private kindergarten can be a challenging choice for parents, which is why  our teachers go above and beyond to make this first step an amazing experience. Whether chaperoning our monthly field trips, creating a unique lesson plan that encompasses each child’s individual learning style, or directing some group games during recess, our kindergarten teachers are enthusiastic and on point. Our all-day kindergarten program means that our teachers have to have a well thought out and prepared plan for practically every moment, and they do not disappoint! Structure is a key building block that our teachers feel set up your kindergarten for success in both public and private school moving forward. With a firm and gentle hand they guide your child through the transition from a more flexible and fun learning environment to a structured (and still fun) school experience.

ABC Village Staff

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By ABC Cares | December 9, 2016

STEM topics are not silos.Good STEM programs integrate the concepts of science and math with the tools of technology and then apply them as engineering to problems in the real world. For example, an activity to measure the speed of a toy car can involve the science concepts of speed and acceleration with the technology […]

Bringing up Bookworms

By ABC Cares | November 26, 2016

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Saturday Care

Have a non traditional job? Trying to take that one extra class? Or maybe just a much needed nap? ABC Village has got you covered with a full day Saturday program available for much less then your average babysitter.

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Chicken Soup Room

Innovation is what sets ABC apart from other child care providers. The first, and one of the only centers to have mildly ill care, our Chicken Soup Room ensures you can go about your day with peace of mind knowing your child is being taken care of.

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