Chicken Soup Program

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Giving Your Child TLC When They're Not Well

Nothing is worse than when a child is not feeling their best, and while we know it would be great for moms and dads to stay home with their little ones, it’s not always practical. ABC is here to help, with a mildly ill care room under the direction of a school health clerk, which has a separate ventilation system designed to stop the spread of germs. Whether it’s the administration of over the counter medications, helping with breathing treatments, or being there when a low fever or mild illness starts, our clerk makes sure that your child receives one on one care. Our Chicken Soup rooms are designed with a homey feel, a small bed and couches, as well as having art and activities for those children who feel up to staying busy. Available as needed, and by reservation, the CSR is an ideal place for your child to be when they are under the weather and you need to work or be in school. Our onsite clerk also cares for ouchies during the day; dispensing ice packs, Band-Aids, and checking each bump and scrape from our tumbling twos to our much more resilient school agers.

6 Weeks To 12 Years

We understand that you can’t always take the day off work to care for your little one with a mild fever, cold or flu. ABC is the only child care center in the Temecula valley licensed and equipped to care for mildly ill children.

Snug in our special Chicken Soup Room (CSR) specially designed with a separate ventilation system, your child is monitored by our school health clerk and staff and lavished with lots of tender loving care. All this within cozy home-like surroundings that offer comfort to your ailing child. At the end of each day, you receive a written progress note from our staff about your child’s liquid and food intake, bowel movements and urination, activity level throughout the day, and other issues related to his or her condition.

Our CSR is under the supervision of medical professionals who are on call for questions and emergencies. Medications prescribed by your child’s pediatrician are administered as directed, and over-the-counter medications such as acetaminophen are provided as needed.

Our unique Chicken Soup Room serves children from ages 6 weeks to 12 years.