Private Kindergarten Program

Private Kindergarten Program

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A Lifetime of Learning Starts at the Beginning

Your child deserves the best, and here at ABC that is what we are prepared to offer! Our full day kindergarten program starts at 8:30 and goes till 3 pm with before and after school available if needed. With 10 educational fieldtrips, your child will get to experience the joy of learning in, and out of the classroom. While being a private kindergarten means we won’t ever be forced to cut out the arts, music, cooking or PE, it does mean keeping our students at the top of their game, so we follow California’s common core standards. A healthy balance of academics and socialization are the perfect stepping stone for a positive school experience. Here is just a quick overview of our kindergarten curriculum:

  • Zoo- Phonics
  • Foreign Language
  • American Sign Language
  • Reading Readiness
  • Math Their Way
  • Educational Tablets in the classrooms
  • Science
  • Language and Creative Arts
  • Cooking
  • Physical Education
  • Music and Movement

Our amazing curriculum is combined with a low teacher to child ratio of 1:12, so each student receives more individual care and consideration throughout the school year.

Public School

· Ratio Allowed: 30 children  per teacher

· Kindergarten schedule: Half day Program
3 1/2 hours only, with no choice AM or PM

· Non-School Days per year: 34

· Modified Days: 39

· Fieldtrips: 1 per year

· Before/After Care: not available at all
locations, limited spots, and majority of
non-school days are not covered.

· Electives: limited/minimal exposure
due to budget cuts.


ABC’s Private Kindergarten

· Ratio Allowed: 12 children per teacher

· Kindergarten schedule: Full day program 8:30am-3pm

· Non-School Days per year: 9 (Major Holidays)

· Modified Days: NONE

· Fieldtrips: 10 per year

· Before/After Care: offered onsite to
encourage long term familiarity and
accommodates challenging schedules.

· Electives: P.E, music, cooking, and art
programs multiple times per week.