Easter Bunny Pictures

  We love our visit from the Easter Bunny! We offer free photographs with our Easter Bunny at ABC. Feel free to dress your child up in their Sunday's best (remember to bring a spare change of clothes!) We can't wait to take photos and start dreaming about all the fun we'll have at our...

Spring Open House

We are so excited to invite you to our annual spring open house! The staff and students have been working so hard to prepare their rooms for their families to see on this fun night! We will have fun for the whole family! We will also be celebrating our big accomplishments- NAEYC Accreditation & being named...

Suzy Q’s Petting Zoo

We are so excited to have Suzy Q back with all her furry and scaly animals! We will get to learn about each animal and even pet them! Check your child's class schedule for times if you would like to join!

Pictures by Daniel

It's time for our favorite school photographer! Daniel, comes and takes end of school year pictures as well as graduation pictures! Photos will be taken on an as-requested basis, so please make sure you let your students teacher know what day you want their picture taken.

Petting Zoo

We are so excited for the petting zoo to come visit for our school! We love to see how excited our students get to meet all the animals!

Teddy Bear Picnic

One of our favorite traditions, The Teddy Bear Picnic is a special day when the kids at ABC all bring their favorite bears, and we build them into our curriculum the whole day! We'll do teddy bear math, music, art and we will even read teddy bear stories... and we will even get a visit...

Polynesian Dancers

The kids will be making crafts and costumes in preparation for class luaus. Look for leis and grass skirts... maybe even some tropical fruit to taste! We'll also have Polynesian dancers come visit to give us a glimpse of island culture!

Kids Kamp Carnival

Our end of the summer Kids Kamp Carnival is coming to town! We'll have food vendors, games, prizes, activities, a dunk tank, cotton candy, popcorn and so much more! Such a great way to wrap up our summer as the "big kids" get ready to head back to their new school year!

Traveling Tide Pools

This year we have tide pools coming to our school! We are so excited to learn more about the ocean and see fishes swimming around. And we may pet some starfish!? We are going to learn so much about all those creatures in the sea!

School Pictures By Daniel

Our favorite school photographer, Daniel, is back to take school photos! We are so excited to see our little ones pose and get their beginning of the school year photos! For more information, check your child's classroom!

Zoo Animals Visit

At ABC, we love animals! That's why we are so very excited to be having a special visit from zoo animal productions today! We will be able to pet and see all kinds of animals alive and in-person right at our school. We love these special events- they enhance our curriculum, enrich the children's experiences,...